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Rolls for the float glass industry
Stainless Steel Lehr Roll

BYC has been involved in the manufacture of rolls for the float glass industry since 1962.
The supply of lehr rolls for float glass lines to Pilkington plc., whose technology leads the world, involved BYC at a very early stage.
Over the years the design of these rolls has evolved with the relentless pursuit of quality.
BYC's expertise has continually developed and today its world-wide customer base is testimony to a dedicated approach.
BYC is one of only a few companies throughout the world with the capability to manufacture these rolls.
The majority of lehr rolls are produced from spun stainless steel tube, typically up to 7.50 metres in length.
The long bed lathes and grinders at BYC are equipped to handle such large parts.  Lift-out and lehr rolls are generally fabricated from 25/20, 18/8 or 25/4 stainless steel.
Towards the cooler end of annealing lehrs, other materials are sometimes substituted for stainless steel to produce rolls.
BYC has facilities for manufacturing rolls clad in composite heat resistant, non asbestos materials.
Tyred or ring rolls (donut rolls in the USA) are another variant sometimed favoured as a means of dissipating heat.
BYC also produces conveyor rolls.

Ring Rolls In Glass Production Line
Clad Rolls In Manufacture
Ring Rolls In Manufacture
Ring Roll
Clad Roll Before Refurbishing

In the process of float glass manufacture rolls can become damaged or worn.  BYC offers a full refurbishment service for all rolls and has a dedicated section for cladding or re-cladding due to the specialist nature of this work.

Clad Roll After Refurbishing

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