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Rolls for the plastics film industry
Small Cooling Roll Inner

As plastics film technology has progressed, BYC has developed its expertise in producing highly polished chrome and surface textured rolls.
Major machine manufacturers rely on this technology to impart the very high quality finish into their end products.
Plastics film machines require a number of special rolls.
  rolls have been developed to fulfil the requirement for rotating heat exchangers which BYC designs for specific applications of heating or cooling.
All types of heat transfer mediums can be utilised including water, steam and oil.
Single shell, double shell and any combination of supply and return lines can be incorporated into the design.
Special roll surfaces including 'super-finished' chrome plate are machined in-house.
BYC also provides rolls for plastics with Satex and engraved finishes.
Refurbishment of this range of rolls is also an important factor.
Highly polished chrome rolls can gradually wear, particularly when used with aggressive materials.
BYC's grinding machines are used to remove existing surfaces prior to re-chroming and polishing.

Chrome Rolls In Manufacture
Mirror Polish Roll In Grinding
Mirror Polished Roll
Winding Cores

Winding Cores ... the winding cores which BYC produce for plastics film lines are manufactured to a quality and tolerance demanded by their arduous operating duty.
Over 10.00 metres in length and dynamically balanced at surface speeds in excess of 1500 m/min., they have been supplied for the most complex BOPP lines.

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